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1950’s Cape Cod home in Erie, PA prior to Tops Roofing & Remodeling renovations. 1950’s Cape Cod home in Erie, PA after Tops Roofing & Remodeling updated it with new architectural roofing, vinyl siding with insulation for energy efficiency and cost savings, soffit, fascia, window capping and new gutters. Tops Roofing updated the older home in Waterford, PA by providing a new roofing system that had a 3’ Cool Vent insulated roof deck combined with a standing seam metal roof to handle the harsh winters and provide insulation for the second floor.
Shown:  Older Cape Code home in East Erie, PA after Tops Roofing & Remodeling replaced the entire exterior with energy efficient updates including an architectural roof, premium vinyl siding with insulation, new soffit, gutters and doors. Shown:  Older west Millcreek, PA home with outdated roof, siding and windows in need of replacement. After Image of Millcreek home after updates completed by Tops Roofing & Remodeling.  This view is from the driveway and shows new roof, architectural shingles, vinyl shakes and energy efficient vinyl windows.
After image of Millcreek home after we replaced their old, unstable deck with a durable composite deck complete with new roof system. Millcreek home shown after roof, deck, window, gutter and insulation replacement was completed by Tops Roofing and Remodeling of Erie, PA. Turn of the century farm house located in Millcreek, PA showing old roof needing repair or replacement.
Tops Roofing in Erie, PA replaced the existing leaky roof on this Old Millcreek farm house with new standing seam metal roof (shown). Older tri-level home in the Belle Valley of Erie PA, built in the 1980’s showing worn, outdated roof and siding in need of replacement. Shown:  Modern, updated tri-level home with new dimensional roof, premium vinyl siding, new soffit, fascia, gutters and vinyl shutters.
Shown:  Front view of tri-level home after Tops Remodeling replaced the old roof, siding, gutters, soffit and shutters. 1920s Colonial style home in need of new roof, siding and exterior doors as well as front entrance and chimney work. Completed renovated 1920’s Colonial home featuring new front entrance with stone inset, modern stone and cast pillars with retro brick walkway and updated chimneys featuring matching stone.
Close up image of the new front entrance that Tops Roofing and Remodeling completed for this 1920s Colonial home in Erie, PA Shown:  stone inset, modern stone and cast pillars with retro brick walkway. Shown:  Millcreek 1920’s Colonial Home in Erie/Millcreek area after renovations were completed by Tops Roofing and Remodeling. Shown:  Back of 1920’s Colonial Home in Erie/Millcreek. Specifically stone accents in area adjacent to open outdoor patio and radiused copper style metal roof over bay window.  The various pitches and details of the new roof can be clearly seen in this image.
For this Colonial style home located in S.W. Millcreek, PA, Tops Roofing and remodeling completed an exterior renovation complete with roof, vinyl siding, soffit, fascia and gutters.  We tied the varying roof pitches together for effective water run-off and beautiful results. In N.W. Millcreek, PA. Tops Roofing and Remodeling  completely restructured this roof, deck, soffit and fascia on this 1930’s Dutch Colonial It increased energy savings and property value.  We’re experts at multi-angle roofing! For this  S.W. Millcreek, PA  Colonial home, Plygem stone work and railings really added character and class to the front porch entrance.
In Waterford, PA, Tops Roofing and Remodeling tied the pool house together with the gorgeous ranch style home by coordinating new siding, vinyl shakes and roofing to give the entire property great continuity. In N.W. Millcreek, PA, Tops Roofing and Remodeling utilized New Landmark Pro Roofing Shingles to really improve the beauty of this classic brick ranch style home. For this Waterford, PA project, Tops Roofing and remodeling used Pacific Blue siding to provide a beautiful contrast to this ranch’s existing white brick exterior.
For this home improvement project in S.W. Millcreek, PA, Tops Roofing and Remodeling provided and installed PVC decking and railings for comfortable backyard living made easy.  The durability and easy maintenance make PVC a great choice for your porch, deck and or railing project.  Complementing colors and styles are available for most any architectural style or personal taste. In S.W. Millcreek, PA, we helped our customer get more out of their home by extending their living area outdoors.  They are enjoying the lovely natural surroundings of their yard in seclusion on this fantastic maintenance free deck. This S.W. Millcreek, PA customer is able to enjoy the sun and the shade on their new private backyard retreat.  Their new PVC deck and railing materials are maintenance free and offer durability for many years to come.
In S.W. Millcreek, PA,  all new roofing, vinyl siding, soffit and fascia provide a clean, updated look for this tri-level home. For this  S.W. Millcreek, PA, exterior renovation, Tops Roofing and Remodeling provided and installed a new roof, vinyl shakes, vinyl siding, soffit, fascia and gutters.  The beautiful results add to the home’s value and curb appeal. In Waterford, PA – Multiple styles of vinyl siding combined with new architectural roof shingles completely transformed this lovely ranch from old and outdated to beautiful and welcoming.
This red cottage in N.W. Erie, PA needed architectural shingles to complete the look the owner of this brick bungalow style home was looking for.  Tops Roofing and Remodeling used their  experience and the expertise to properly install roofing on challenging or unusual home architecture like this one. Many of the new roof projects in N.W. Erie, PA utilize Highland Slate shingles such as this because they create a very traditional style appearance for the more stately Colonial style home. This S. W. Millcreek, PA home owner wanted multiple styles and textures to create a unique look for their older home.  As you can see Tops Roofing and Remodeling coordinated this project beautifully to enhance the beauty of their home.  The vinyl shake siding provides a fantastic highlight to the front of this residence.
In Summit Township, PA – Tops Roofing & Remodeling constructed a roof with decorative support posts to create a grand entrance for this homeowner.  This home owner wanted front porch to have protection from the beating sun or rain. There are many older ranch homes in Harborcreek, PA similar to this one.  For this quaint ranch in Harborcreek, we provided and installed a new roof and vinyl siding.  This home owner will enjoy living here in comfort and with peace of mind for many more years to come. For this S.W. Erie, PA home owner, a complete exterior makeover was exactly what this colonial needed to be beautiful again. This home needed a “facelift”; and we worked closely with the owner to give them the beautiful results they deserve.
In Erie, PA, older architecture and multilevel roof angles are no problem for Tops Roofing & Remodeling.  Quality products combined with decades of experience and superior workmanship enable us to provide outstanding results like this every homeowner we work with. For this S.W. Millcreek, PA new roof, siding and deck project, new architectural roof shingles, soffit, fascia, vinyl siding, vinyl shakes, PVC decking and railing finished with a grand stone entranceway transitioned this colonial from simple to stunning. For this Millcreek, PA home, architectural roof shingles; and color coordinated vinyl siding completed the appearance of this Cape Cod.  It was exactly what the owner was looking for.  When you choose Tops Roofing and Remodeling, you can depend on us to give you honest, trustworthy recommendations for long-lasting, beautiful results.
Just south of Waterford, PA, the exterior chimney detracted from the look of this home?  For this homeowner, we utilized a complementing style of siding to enhance the look of the chimney while tying it together with the existing elements of the home’s siding  - creating a streamlined, finished look. Waterford, PA – This home needed an expert to tie together all of its’ various exterior surfaces.  Tops Roofing & Remodeling utilized several styles and types of vinyl siding to give a unique look that has consistency as well as interesting details. Waterford, PA  - This side angle shot of the finished chimney featured in image 22 shows how nicely all the elements of the roofing and siding project work together to provide beautiful results.  When Quality and Service Matter Most, Trust Your Home To Us!  Tops Roofing & Remodeling (814) 864-4515.